Question about eDiscovery hold

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We have a site where I believe entire document libraries were put into an eDiscovery back in 2015 which has never been removed. 


At some point after this, Microsoft changed things in the admin centre, and the cases disappeared. The site(s) are still under a hold, but there are no policies set in any area in the security and compliance centre.


I need to remove these old holds as 1) they are no longer relevant and 2) they are preventing me from moving content between document libraries. Is there any way to do this?


This is SharePoint online and Office365.


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Just to clarify, this is "traditional" sharepoint hold?

I believe that this is the case yes. I know that the way the hold was set up is no lo her available, although I wasn’t the one to place it initially. I looked at the dates in the hold library and the saved versions are from around 2015.

@Tanya Edgar Hi Tanya- I had a similar issue before while using retention policies.  If the retention policy is no longer in place but the site is still on hold you might try creating a new retention policy and placing the same site on hold then removing the new retention policy using. Sometimes removing the new retention policy will then work to be able to remove the site you want.