Putting 365 on new PC. Old machine gone to it's grave.

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Hi everybody
My wife machine died on her and I have had to get a new PC (arriving tomorrow) She is a translator and does lots of work for Microsoft through translation houses. She was translating a project to be completed by Monday and then bang into another project, so as you might agree, she can't afford to be down. Windows 10 Home 64 will already be installed.
However I have to get everything back to normal for her by tomorrow night. Fortunately she keeps her back ups externally so no issue there. Likewise with translation tools etc.
This might sound silly, but I need to get her new machine loaded with 365 which we have a multiple licence. My problem is that I think we are already using up 5 machines including her old one.
So my question is, how do I get 365 onto her new machine?
Many thanks to anybody who can help me.

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Hi, just go to and then choose the Apps & devices section.  Expand Devices on the right pane, and click to sign out of any devices as shown below.


**Just ignore that it says Mac OS in my example :lol:


Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 19.06.10.png

@PeterRising Thank you very much Peter for taking your time to help me. Very much appreciated. Les



It's a pleasure.  Hope the new PC works well.  :smile:

@PeterRising Oh dear. That doesn't work. I have no idea why it doesn't accept my outlook email address. 





This message suggests that you are signing in with a personal account as opposed to an Office 365 account. Are you able to sign-in as your details by going to and then choosing Devices?

@PeterRising That did it. Thanks Peter. Microsoft drives me bonkers :)

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So many ways of achieving the same result sometimes.  Glad that worked.  :smile: