Purchasing O365 directly direct with Microsoft, despite O365 email through Go daddy

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I'm currently looking to move everything over to Business O365 - I currently use it for one organisation and now wish to use it for personal business.  


I have Go Daddy website and purchased email through them, from Microsoft, with a couple months left on that contract.  I want to go all in on business premium but noticed when I signed up for the month free trial, using the email address, then I have to use the Go daddy admin platform (which defeats the purpose as I don't want to go through them, but use Microsoft dashboard directly) - and it would not let me use the free trial elements.


What's the best way forward?  Is it a case of cancelling email and signing up with O365 once that's complete? I don't want downtime on email address for the business.


Any advice?

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Best check with support (both GoDaddy and MS). Afaik there isnt a direct way to "migrate" the subscription, and you will most likely have to do it manually.