Purchase Windows 10 Home to Pro upgrade through 365 account

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I have a new laptop for a member of staff but in haste, it has Windows 10 Home installed. When I use the upgrade link in the Windows settings panel, I am required to logon to Microsoft Store to pay for the Windows upgrade on the device in question.


My issue - and one that appears widely acknowledged - is that none of my 365 accounts are accepted as Microsoft accounts and therefore cannot access the MS Store to purchase the upgrade. Try as I might, I cannot find an alternate method to purchase this upgrade and I do not fancy purchasing an upgrade through some obscure personal MS account.

So is it possible to complete purchases on the MS Store using either the 365 Admin account or a delegated user account on 365? Otherwise, is anyone aware of a method to purchase the W10 upgrade using at least an email address of one of my 365 accounts?

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Hello @rockall-group 


You should be able to buy the key from Microsoft directly, see link below:


Buy Windows 10 Pro for Business - Microsoft


Then, enter the key manually as shown below.




Hope this helps.






Ive tried this way also, but not sure where to find the product key purchased with the M365 premium licence. Stuck on how to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro..

Hello @JW_Singh 


If you sign into Windows (your user session) using the Microsoft account to which the license has been assigned, Windows should then automatically be activated. 


Hope this information helps.




Hi @rockall-group were you able to upgrade, if yes, how? I'm in same situation.

In the end I gave up and purchased the upgrade through a personal Microsoft account I own. I think it was €99 whereas purchasing through other MS channels was much more expensive

My only concern is if I have to wipe out restore this laptop going forward, I will have to set it up on my old personal MS account again to re-upgrade it. A real mess and all because my O365 accounts weren't accepted as MS accounts for the MS Store!