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Protect your email and Office environment from malicious actors

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Email is one of the most targeted attack vectors in your environment, and there are many moving pieces. There are spam and phishing attacks. And there isn't one size fits in terms of how they attack. They can use malware, attachments, and links. Anyway, if you're reading about the MS-500 then I'm sure you're aware of the security issues related to email. So without wasting a lot of time let's jump into the defenses.

Before we talk about each policy let's talk about defaults. By default messages that contain word-filtered content is directed to the user's junk email folder. In short, spam. Spam is unwanted, unsolicited email that gets sent out in bulk. Phishing emails are fraudulent messages designed to trick someone into revealing sensitive information or installing malicious software. In short, spam is junk email while phishing attacks are more malicious. Phishing messages are directed to the junk folder or the quarantine depending on the confidence level. High confidence phishing emails, in other words, emails that Microsoft 365 is confident it is phishing will go to the quarantine while messages that Microsoft 365 is not 100% positive is phishing will go to the junk email folder.

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