Prompted to sign in to another tenant

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When I’m logged into Excel for iOS I can sign in to my own tenant no problems.

However after a short time of between days or weeks I see a prompt to sign in to my account again along the bottom of the window.

when I click to sign in it opens to login screen for one of my clients Microsoft 365 tenants and I can see their logo etc.. I logged into their tenant once or twice while working on a project but I can’t seem to work out why it still goes to their tenant login screen and why it keeps prompting me. 




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Better to check which \ how many Microsoft 365 account under Office application (e.g. Excel) > account



There is only my one account listed.



I'm getting something similar, but in Outlook when an application plug-in launches - specifically, the NetDocuments ndOffice Plug-in for Outlook. I am getting a login prompt with my tenants logo at the top, and when I enter my password it tells me I am not found in this other companies tenant. 


As part of troubleshooting, I took a brand new machine, signed into it for the first time and let it setup Outlook profile, then I get that same message on that new machine too. And we have at least one other user getting the same message, in the same circumstances, to the same other tenant. If we disable and re-enable the add-in, the extra login prompt (to the other tenant) comes right up. I have just the one account listed in Outlook, but when the add-in is running I get an error about my account sign-in so it appears the add-in is attempting to sign into something. The NetDocuments add-ins for Word and Excel do not do this. NetDocuments support has been useless, pointing me back to Microsoft, and as yet I have been unable to open a ticket with MS because it doesn't seem to fit into any of their categories.


The tenant I'm getting prompted to sign into is in the same business space (legal services) but not one we have ever done business with, ever been a B2B partner with, and up until recently did not even know existed. We reached out to them and their MSP and they do not use the NetDocuments application, and none of our email addresses are showing as B2B collaborators. 


At this point I don't have an answer, but I'm open to suggestions.



Did you get anywhere with NetDocuments support? We are in the exact same position at the moment.

@Josh_Glasser @mcansell Did either of you find a solution for the net docs issue?  

@jeffwolfe24 No fix yet. Still working with NetDocs support.

@Josh_Glasser @mcansell @jeffwolfe24
Keep us posted if any of you end up getting anywhere with NetDocuments or Microsoft support. We're also suddenly experiencing this issue, as well.
This is happening to a few of our users as well. I do not believe it is a NetDocs issue, but something that NetDocs is doing (prompting authentication) when it runs upon Outlook opening. The tenant we are prompted to log in to is a client and after working through some stuff with the MS Entra team I suspect our client shared a file on OneDrive, SharePoint, or a secure email that prompted our user(s) to login and approve/grant access to that tenant to create a guest account. I am working with our client to see what was shared and how they can stop this from happening.

I'll return here looking for or with an answer. Glad it is happening to others