Problems handling Excel files

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Since yesterday I have problems opening and handling ALL my existing Excel files.
Especially the files with included graphics.
This has also impact on Windows Explorer.


When clicking on a file, the message that Excel is loading appears: First 0 %, then 100 %.
Sometimes it stays like that.
Sometimes it opens after a very long time.

Then I see the data, but a gray square on the place of the graph.
After another long time, the graph is visible, and I can add a line.
But it takes minutes to add data, between each cell.
The message at the top days: Excel is not reacting.


If I abort the opening by closing the Excel window, Windows Explorer blocks also.
Then I have tot restart Explorer via the task manager.

However, I can not give it a try to reopen the same Excel file, because it will only open on read-only, giving the impression that my previous try is still active.

I am using Windows 10 with Microsoft Office 365.

I already did, without result:
- A repair of the full Office 365 suite.
- A full Virus scan, including my Malaware tools.
- A cleanup with CCleaner.

I have send one of the files to a friend and he has no problems opening it. So the problem is not in the file but in the system.

There are no problems with other Office applications.


Any idea?

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This problem can be closed.

Because no solutions are received, I solved the problem by buying a new PC.