Problems embedding "microsoft forms pro" survey in web page

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I am trying to embed a survey created in Microsoft Forms Pro in a popup dialog within a website. When I insert the markup and scripts I get by selecting the "inline" option in the "</>Embed" tab I get a funky forms banner with a "Fill out the form" link (that is actually not showing because the geometry is off). This isn't what we want. We need the survey itself to appear in the dialog.


How do I make this happen?


I've attached a GIF of the dialog as it now appears and the HTML with associated JavaScript which renders the survey and pops up the dialog. I had to take a snippet of the code because this site wouldn't allow me to upload the actual markup text.


We currently use jQuery, bootstrap and AngularJS on this website.



Mike Lockhart

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Here is the markup image I mentioned.




I have the same problem and would love a solution. :)