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Some time ago I created a template in powerpoint for my stamp album pages. It includes text boxes, borders and other items. The format and printout worked very well, but since upgrading to Office 365 the printed image has changed. It appears to be overall 5-10% bigger than previous printed pages, including the borders & font size, (although the font still reads as cambria math 12). It seems that Office 365 prints a larger image of the same font than before. Basically, I need to reduce the printed page as a whole by this amount. Is this possible


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It may follow to ever latest version for Office 365 edition, not sure whether 'fit to one page' can apply to your print case

I have tried that. The problem is more fundamental. Previous printed pages are 5-10% smaller than the current printed pages after installing Office 365. For example. If I type the word "Christmas" in cambria math 12, using the new version of office, and print the page, it is visibly larger than the same word in the same font than the original version

@Kidd_Ip As a follow up I've attached 2 pages showing the recent larger format on the left with the original on the right it should be clear that the outlining box as well as the text are larger in the former than the latterStamp Pages Combined.jpg