Preventing employees from uploading to personal OneDrive accounts

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Hello everyone!


I currently wanted to see how an organization would go about blocking the upload of files to a personal OneDrive account. We currently utilize OneDrive Business, however, we do not allow employees to upload data to their personal OneDrive account due to contractual agreements. What suggestions do you have, and how would we go about preventing this?

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Try implementing it using Group Policy.

For alerting, make use of file sharing activities in Cloud app security.

@S365shared Thank you for that. However, we do implement that. How would we prevent them from accessing the website (OneDrive)? 

I don't see any alternative to block the personal OneDrive access. perhaps you could create a policy to block some endpoints of, however it might cause negative impact.

Refer the following article for more info:

What I would do is to create some data loss prevention policies to prevent sharing data to external file share/cloud services and generate alerts/incidents whenever someone tries to do that.