PowerPoint with animations and WebEx Training Center / Meeting Center - File | Upload

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I have a PowerPoint that uses animations heavily and using WebEx Training Center / Meeting Center File | Upload / Share a file doesn't work with PowerPoint files that use animations and transitions.  Using Share App or Share screen isn't a good solution because of the way it changes the other WebEx panels and can confuse participants that aren't familiar with WebEx.


Is there a good tool that can take the slides with animations on them and split them into multiple slides so the File | Upload / Share File can be used?


Example: a slide with 3 lines of text with animations that show a new line of text with each mouse click would be split into 4 slides - one with no lines displayed, the second with 1 line, third with line 1 and 2 and a fourth with lines 1, 2 and 3

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Try PowerPoint Splitter. It's an add-in for PowerPoint that will break each animation out for you.