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I am trying to fix up a PowerPoint document containing a chart. 

We have a chart (radar)illustrate.png within the document with some embedded data (not linked to external Excel file)

We calculate a score within the chart data, and I would like to show that score within a text box in the PowerPoint document.  Something along the lines of in excel how you use =Sheet!A1  to get one box to equal another.




Cant seem to find anything on how to link a text box like this after much Googling, the nearest I got is here.


Tried the above but get stuck at step 1b, but Im assuming as the link is for Excel, not PowerPoint, this feature isn't relevant. 

Using PowerPoint 365 version 2


Thanks for any help. 

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So I managed to figure this one out...
1. Highlight the chart itself within the PowerPoint document to enable the chart design ribbon
2. Select the "Add Chart Element drop down button, (far left) > Data Labels > More Data Label Options
3. On the right pane, Format Data Labels, tick "Value from cells", and pick the cell you wish to show
4. You should get a bunch of new labels, some of which you do not want to see. These seem to group together and don’t appear to be individually editable, but they can be resized separately, which then allows you to remove them individually by cut/deleting!
5. Obviously keep the label you created that was pointed at the cell you want to show the value for. You may need to untick a few other options like "value" and "Show Leader Lines", as well as turning off autosizing so the box doesn’t jump around the page when a new value updates automatically.