Powerpoint presentation with webcam

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Can anybody please help me with recording a powerpoint presentation with audio and webcam? I want to show my pupils my powerpointpresentation while I explain (audio), whilst my talking head is visible in a corner of the slides (webcam). It is possible on Window-computers, but I have a Mac. 


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@MiekeWin I don't think this is currently possible on a Mac - but it is in PowerPoint for PC. We recommend students who use a Mac use a tool like Apowersoft if they need to record their webcam on top of their PowerPoint. This is a guide I created for students on using Apowersoft on a Mac. No need to register or download software. 

@MiekeWin  I quit the built-in recorder and have another RecMaster screen recorder to record the video presentation with live narration and facecam at the same time....