PowerPoint: Embedded video crashes while scrubbing

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Hi, we have an issue with at least 4 different computer configurations where an embedded .mp4 movie in a PowerPoint presentation crashes when scrubbing in the playback bar. The problem occurs only in the edit mode of PowerPoint. There is no problem in full screen mode (after pressing F5). PowerPoint version is the latest (Microsoft PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2212 Build 16.0.15928.20196) 64-bit).

The biggest commonality between these machines seems to be the Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics unit.
It occurs regardless of the operating system (both Windows 10 and 11, latest updates).
The problem does not occur when the integrated GPU is disabled via Device Manager on a laptop with an additional dedicated GPU.
Intel driver as well as system drivers are up-to-date.
Both Dell (manufacturer of the laptops) and Intel support (integrated GPU) were contacted, but referred to contacting Microsoft as they did not find an issue on their end.
Since this is a major problem for us when editing presentations, is there any way to install an updated driver or work around the problem?
Any help would be appreciated.

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I have the same issue with the LG Gram 17" intel EVO with the Intel Iris Xe and a second one with higher specs with a GFORCE RTX video card. However, on 4 year old Asus, with the GFORCE RTX video card, has no issues scrubbing and jump skip a .mp4 video. Installing a new set of codecs from K-Lite Codec Pack did not fix the problem. So I am returning the PCs and let Microsoft and LG figure this out.

Same problem here. Does not crash in show mode, only when scrubbing a video in normal slide editing screen. Happenes everytime without fail. Running latest version of PPT on an Asus ProArt. Intel Iris XE plus Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060. Disabiling the Intel GPU does fix the problem, but causes others. This is such a drag. I work in PPT all day long and really tired of these crashes! 


Hi, did you ever sort out this issue, I have the same problem.


Nope, never resolved. Have moved to a project with way less video, and hoping for an update soon!!

I think it might be the video card. If I set gfx preference to Iris Xe then ppt works much more smoothly than if set to use the Nvidia RTX 3060. am on a Dell XPS 17. Annoying. Can't seem to work out why.

@Andreas Juschka 

Understood it may not 100% matched to your case but worth to take a look:


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