PowerPoint and Linked Excel Worksheet - Broken Links

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I'm having issues when I go to update links to charts or data that is in an excel spreadsheet. When I go to update the links when the file opens the links break and the data no longer appears in powerpoint. Below are the steps I'm taking.


Both the PowerPoint and Excel document are stored in a SharePoint Online site in a document library. I'm opening both documents on the desktop version off PowerPoint and Excel. The client is Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Version 1809 Build 10827.20181.

In Excel I'm selecting a group of cells and then coping them.

Then in PowerPoint I'm doing a Paste Special and select Paste Link as Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object. 

The cells copy into PowerPoint without issue, when I make changes in Excel the cells in PowerPoint get updated.

Now when I close both files and open the PowerPoint on my desktop it prompts me to either Update Links or cancel (which doesn't update links). If I update the links all the links are then broken. If I look at the link, it has the path to the document library but the file name is "???". Both files are stored in the same location. 

Any ideas why the link gets broken when I update links on opening?

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