Powerpoint 365: Display of Layout names

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When assigning a layout to a slide in Normal view, all layouts are shown with their names shown above them. When editing the layouts in Slide Master view, the names only appear when hovering over a slide. This makes it difficult to pick a layout by name. This inconsistency in the way the same information (name and small view of a layout) is displayed is unnecessarily confusing and may cause problems when accessing computers remotely, where hovering may not always be fully supported. It is suggested that the names are always be shown above the small view of the layouts.

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Agreed. Not only is it unnecessarily confusing but in cases where the number of layouts exceed more than 20 having visibility to each layout name is crucial for productivity. Without it one has to spend an exceedingly redundant amount of time scrolling through the thumbnail pane tracking down layout slides using only a visual cue which is a horrible user experience. I would hope that the PowerPoint team at microsoft is experienced enough to realize that when you afford the user a way of labeling or identifying an asset within the software you must also provide a way to recover or find the same asset using the same functionality - in this case - visible 'labels'!