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I have a problem to use text highlight color in PowerPoint 2016 (My office is 2016 version).

On Word , I can do it easily using this sign (circled in red):





But, on PowerPoint , I cannot find this sign, or this name, and I have to write in Word and then copy it to PowerPoint. This is the same sub-tab like in Word, named "Font" (like in Word), but it doesn't have this sign (this one is from PowerPoint):





Maybe someone encountered this issue and have a solution?






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help please?

You may need to add it to your ribbon. If you go to PowerPoint ribbon and right click- select Customize the Ribbon. Go to the Home tab and expand the Font menu. If you don't see Text Highlight Color you will need to add it.

Select All commands from the menu on the left, find the option, and then select Add to get it into your Font menu. Then exit and you should be all set.




I tried to do it, but the command: "Text Highlight Color" does not exist on power point ribbon commands.


Attached a picture of the ribbon customize menu. There is no "Text Highlight Color". I also tried to search it on another name, but I didn't find it.


Do you have an idea how to find this feature?




I found this article on support.microsoft.com.  At the bottom, it shows which versions of PowerPoint or Office have this feature- the others do not  









so it is impossible in power point 2016 :(


Thanks anyway!!!