PowerPoint 2016 Notes Page - How to align content?

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Afternoon all,


One of my colleagues has a series of PowerPoint decks that for the most part are behaving themselves.  We have one however, that in the majority of the views used presents content suitably.  However, when we flip over to Notes View everything renders in a very peculiar fashion. 


The core "design area", which represents the design space doesn't have any of the images or blocks of text anywhere near it, they're all off canvas in the surrounding grey areas.  What I'm after knowing is whether there is a keyboard short cut or some other command that will help me align this content for this specific view that doesn't mess around with the other views.


Any help appreciated.



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@Steven Andrews 

This is a known problem; it seems to affect people who are collaborating on a presentation online.

John Korchok has a page on his site that explains how you can modify the XML under the hood in your PPTX files to fix the problem:

@Steve Rindsberg 

This worked a treat, thanks for suggesting this.