Powerpoint 1905 opens linked presentations only in Web

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After the update of Powerpoint to version 1905 in monthly channel, all linked presentations open in Powerpoint Online Web Client.

The Links to the URLs look like this, so no trailing "?web=1" :


We still got a Terminal-Server environment running Powerpoint version 1902 in semi-annual (targeted) channel where the behavior is different. In PPT 1902 all linked presentations open in the lokal Client application. 


We have a GPO to set trusted locations for our Sharepoint and OneDrive URLs.

Is there any way to set the open behavior in 1905 to open linked presentations in Client application?


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Hi @Lukas Lange 


Only thing I can think of to try is to go to your (Document) Library settings under Advanced Settings and under Opening Documents in the browser change it to Open in the client application.


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Thanks for your reply @Damien Rosario !

Unfortunately this doesn't do the trick. We already set the default behavior of the teamsite to "open in client application".

On the same Teamsite, the opening-behavior only exists in Powerpoint 1905. The older versions of Powerpoint all open the linked presentations in the client application.

Hi @Lukas Lange 


Not sure what's happening. Either something has been changed in the release of 1905 or there's a bug with the release (if so it's likely to be fixed asap).


Best as I can tell, there's been no official changes in 1905.




Sorry I don''t have a better answer for you. You may want to hit up Microsoft Support for advice?


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