PowerBI with embedded PowerApp - issue promoting a PowerApp from one environment to another

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Hi all! We have built a PowerBI report and integrated a PowerApp. We now want to deploy it to production. Production requires publishing the PowerBI to a new workspace - all good. For PowerApps we have a Dev PowerApps environment and a Prod PowerApps environment. We can deploy the PowerApp from Dev to Prod just fine. The challenge is when we want to switch out the connection on the PowerApp visual in PowerBI. The connection between the PowerBI report and the PowerApp looks to be embedded on initial set up. Once you configure the visual once, you cannot even change the selected PowerApp from the Visual. What we need is to be able to control the selected PowerApp from a parameter or a data field so that it can be switched. Much like you would switch a data connection string from Dev to Prod on a Dataset, we need to point the PowerApp visual to the Prod instance of the App. Is there a way to achieve this? I have even tried extracting the PBIX to find it but it looks to be in some binary file.

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Hi @MurrayFoxcroft,


 I'm experiencing the same issue trying to promote a PowerBI report and Update an embedded PowerApp with a different environment. Did you manage to find a solution for this?




@SamEvans680  - unfortunately not. We are still "re-embedding" as part of the deployment process. #frustrating.