PowerApps - Adding up numbers from different rows on a SharePoint List

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Hi all - this is my first post!


So, I am building an App (in PowerApps) that pulls data from a SharePoint list.  The list will populated by an admin staff member who collects mail for our clients, and who's task it will be to - when the mail arrives - select the name of the respective business (via a dropdown in one column) and type in the number of letters they received on that day through another column


This information will then post to an app that the client accesses on the font desk, telling them how much mail they have received.


So, based on the description above, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a PowerApp formula/s that would:


> Read the name of the business selected (via the App)

> Identify multiple mail entries on the list (so different mail deliveries on different days)

> Add the total number of deliveries up, displaying said total on a form within the app, and then

> Mark all rows that fed into the total as being collected by transferring a Signature (so a collection on the App, image on the list) to all of the deliveries that fed into the total


I hope that makes sense!  

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Unfortunately, you have not provided sufficient details to help with your question. Some more details, like the SP list where the data is being stored, how you want to some/group the data, etc. You may also want to try here for some additional support.