Power Point freezes and causes ALT+TAB to slow down

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I am facing a strange issue. PowerPoint in my windows 10 is not only slow but also is causing ALT+TAB to drastically slow down ( I figured this out after a lot of trial and error). I spent the two days Rebooting, Creating User Profiles, Uninstalling/Re-installing Office but nothing worked. I did a Resetting of my laptop. Installed office again. After resetting, everything worked. ALT+TAB was fine. All applications except PPT were running fine. But, only till I opened Powerpoint. Once I opened Powerpoint, I am back to where I started 2 days ago. In desperate need of help.

Did some more cleaning and rebooted. After re-booting, I haven't opened PowerPoint yet. And everything is smooth. I guess PowerPoint is the culprit. What could be the causes? I do provide training and can't do without PowerPoint.
Please help.

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