Power BI Visio Visual - Anyone managed to get this to work?

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Hi, just signed up for the Visio visual preview... used the demo files received in the email.... to see how it works. However I do not seem to be able to get it to work. Paste the Visio file link into the visual, it does detect the fields used for configuration, but no visio shapes appear. Interested to know if anyone else has it working.​
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Thanks for trying out Visio custom visual.

The diagram must be saved in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online. Open the file in browser and copy that URL, it must contain WopiFrame.aspx in it.



Rohan Shah

Were you able to get this to work. I am using the Onde for Business file and I cannot get this to work.

Can you mention the error you are seeing? Are you seeing the Sign In button? Which browser are you using?

I am using Power BI desktop when gathering the visual, I use the One Drive file location with the WopiFrame2.aspx page and nothing shows up for the Visio diagram.

Visio visual is supported in Power BI desktop August update and onwards. Also Visio file must be saved to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online. Please do let me know if this helped!

How to do save the Visio template with WopiFrame.aspx in it. I tried putting WopiFrame.aspx directly behind the name of the file name. I still get the URL is not configured correctly.


1. Save Visio diagram to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online.

2. Launch browser and go to the location where you have saved the diagram (SharePoint document library or OneDrive list). Now click on the diagram and it will render in browser itself.

3. Notice that the web address now has WopiFrame.aspx and now copy the entire web URL/address.

4. Paste that in Visio custom visual


Url incorrect? Did copy it from the browser

Thanks for trying this out. Can you confirm if there is no space before and after the URL? 

For a deeper engagement, can you send an email to ?

Posting this in case you come across this post using Search. I worked the Visio booth at Inspire and got to learn how to do this integration from the Visio team directly. This blog post gives you the step by step process to use Visio in Power BI. 



This is the loop I am stuck in. I've signed in with my company login to my OneDrive for Business account and it keeps showing the same thing.


Hi @joshstevenson,


Power BI Desktop started showing a sign-in issue recently and we are working towards getting it resolved. Could you please confirm if you are using Power BI Desktop? In the meanwhile, to get unblocked, you can use Power BI Web where this issue isn't happening. For a deeper engagement, please feel free to reach us at tellvisio[at]microsoft[dot]com.




Visio, PM

Hello Team


Doi you have any news about the Power BI Desktop issue with Visio visualizations?