Power Automate - How to create a power automate notifying D-Day or orverdue regularly?

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I am using a Sharepoint Online list and I would like to create a power automate, but am having failures only. Before getting started, the word 'Notify' means either 'sending an email' or any other methods showing on Outlook.

What I want to achieve is as below;

(1) Notify xxx@microsoft.com when all items` 'D-Day' display -30.

(2) Notify xxx@microsoft.com every 1 week until the 'D-day' turns into negative days(=i.e. renewed) if 'D-Day' has exceeded 0.


For example, if the 'D-Day' is 4, notify xxx@microsoft.com.

A week later when the 'D-Day' is 11, notify xxx@microsoft.com again. And so on,,,,,,,



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