Power Automate E-Mail Notification Not Going Through

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I have a Power Automate flow that creates an email notification from a SharePoint list and sends it to various people and Outlook groups within my organization. One of the groups that is supposed to receive that email, which I am an owner and a part of, does not get the e-mails even though they are clearly recipients on the e-mail and all other groups/users are receiving it. Some notes:

1. The group is marked to receive messages from external sources

2. I am/must use the e-mail notification option that sends the message from a generic "Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate" e-mail. 

3. The group will receive it if I use the e-mail option that sends it from my personal account (vs. #2 above), but that is not an option to use in practice for other reasons.


Any guidance to why this group does not receive these messages would be appreciated. Thank you!


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