Power Automate - disabled account - update connections

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I have a user who is no longer with the company and I was made a co owner in Power Automate before they left.  I am having a HORRIBLE time with their account still being "there." 


Below the fuzzed out account is their account and if I click the X will that remove them and then "I" can add my enabled account?


My account shows as in the Owners area.  I click on the Manage Connections hyperlink and it takes me to MY accounts ability to do things.




In the flow itself I see the item, I click on invalid connection and it changes to Updating... and it STAYS there!




I got this to "resolve" by clicking on the other Forms form.


Now for email, it is "stuck" on updating... and I tried to go to another item and still, the "updating..." is a hyperlink yet I can't click on it.  I can only click on add a new connection and then it keeps "adding" my account over and over again.


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