Portal subscription payment page linked from email reminder not working... again

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Who is maintaining the portal subscription payment page that is linked from the email notification. Maybe you should implement a bit more automated testing since this page has always been broken for me in different manners. Last time the container was to small and outside the screen and due to many Javascript errors I couldn't get it to work even with DevTools CSS modification.


The page linked from the email: 


This time as you can see in the attached image the page is at least visible but due to angular and other errors in both chrome and edge browser, it is not possible to reactivate the subscription. 


Please pay a bit more attention to this page since i could be a bit stressful when the subscriptions might stop working...


And, maybe this is not the correct forum, however I did not see any contact information in the email which is also a bit of a fail in regards to customer service.


And also, the email is linking to a support community, is not working as of 2019-04-23. Once again. Automated testing please. http://community.office365.com/



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Best place to leave feedback is via the corresponding link in the portal. No one from the relevant teams in Microsoft frequents these boards, or any other community...

@TheJesper  Still not working! There's no support link, or way to contact anyone, from this page or your account page.  I can't update payment info.  Oh well!