People right pane(contact details), Not Displaying, "Try refreshing the page or come back later".

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What would suddenly cause this for a MS 365 Business Basic account user of the Outlook web app?


We have cleared the Edge browser cache, restarted Edge.  Also tested with the Opera browser, same results. Different Win 10 Pro PCs, same results.  Its seems to be something to do with the account.  

They do display using a Outlook 2019 desktop app.


The contacts are visible for other 365 account users for our company.




This user works from her home and depends on the Outlook web app to fully operate.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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The Contacts features are once again fully operational.

We contacted MS 365 support and the problem was something on their side.

The representative stated:
"Unfortunately I am unable to tell you what the cause is, if I have to guess is either something with the mailbox or the fact we deleted and re-imported the contacts. Also looking at previous cases with this issue running the diagnostics on our end fixed the problem. In your case is possible that when I completed the diagnostics it took 48 hours for the propagation to be completed. If this happens in the future again you will have to call us so that we can run diagnostics on the mailbox."