People on distribution list receive some, but not all emails forwarded to DL

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Here's my setup: job applicants email "search" email address. That email auto-replies that we received their email. That mailbox is setup to automatically forward all emails to the distribution list email "searchcommittee" The list is owned by me and currently has 4 members outside of our organization. One of the members is my personal email outside of our organization which I'm using to make sure everything is working. Out of 26 emails received by the "search" email, 6 of them did not go to my personal email. I asked another member if they received the 6 missing emails--she was only missing 5. What gives? The emails I didn't receive don't seem to have a common factor. Other emails received in between were received so it wasn't a certain period of time and the problem was corrected. Having to constantly monitor the "search" email box to see if something is missing and asking if everyone received all of the emails defeats the purpose of having a distribution list.  (The external email I'm using is a Gmail acct and the other person I'm checking with has a Bellsouth email address that is managed through Yahoo.)

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