Password displayed in front of file name on Windows 11 PC

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My password was displayed in front of file name on my Windows 11 PC 


The backstory is Google Drive let me down (has been reliable for years). An important file (that I hadn't backed up elsewhere in too long) got deleted (not by me) bypassed recycle bin and went into the trash in Drive Cloud. Upon recovery, that file was corrupted with an ~ in front of name.


Dell support found the file in my root (Drive support could not...). The freaking password was displayed in front of the file name for the Dell tech to see. What the heck, very strange. Anyone heard of this before. I find zero when searching the web. )


I realize these passwords are easily hacked (for free) I only use them for not super important stuff. I ran a full scan with Kaspersky and came up clean. Any ideas on why my password was showing when the Dell tech found the file (I think he showed me it was hidden when he found it.


Thanks !


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