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Hi all.

i am migrating my company exchange server from on-premises to exchange on line.

Actually we have a server with ADConnect  and we use the exchange we have as hybrid.

All works but i have a problem with some attachment in the emails.


We receive the email but the attachment (for example .pdf) cannot be opened.

I have found a workaround that is to ADD the sender to a list of SAFE SENDER.

The attachment is then seen in the message and can be saved.

As you can imagine we cannot add each time one-by-one a sender to have its attachment opened and then saved.

Any help ?


Thanks to all



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Judging from the description that you need to add email to Safe Sender list. So you may want to investigate the Safe Sender list or Anti Spam policy in Microsoft 365 Defender portal or Exchange Online Protection.

I suggest to follow this article - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/security/office-365-security/create-safe-sender-lists... .

I hope it helps.