Outlook will not open without an internet connection

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Hi I am subscribed to Office 365 for some time now. For the first time this evening my internet connection failed and for some reason I am unable to access outlook. I then activated hotspot on my mobile to receive wifi on my PC and once connected the outlook worked again. If I turn off the internet connection again I am no longer able to open Outlook.


What is causing this problem or is this limitation set by the office 365 package? 

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Outlook should open without an issue even if it's offline - however it needs something to open.
Is your mail stored in a PST file or OST file (ie. you're connected to Exchange)?

I have 8 emails registered. 2 are MS exchange, 1 is a pop3 account and the remaining 5 are IMAP


All data files are stored as .ost except one which is .pst. The PST is linked to the pop3 account which I have set up and it shows as 'personal folders' under the 'data file' tab in outlook account settings


What do you think?

Hi! Any solution to this problem yet?


Are you receiving any error message?

Have you tried opening outlook in save mode?

Have you tried having only one single account and if it works start adding the other one by one, this to see if issue reproduces with after adding an specific account

What build of the Outlook client is being used?

Experienced an instance of same - Outlook 365 - failing to complete the "Loading Profile" task (shown bottom of splash page) during a period when Local Network was healthy but ISP had Internet Outage.  Multiple Outlook 365 Inboxes including User and Shared, multiple POP3 mailboxes, and Hotmail/Live Inbox.  Outlook 365 current version - v1808 build 10730.20102.  Over 5 minutes at same "Loading Profile" status.  After ISP resolved its issues, Outlook 365 was able to open my Profile with only the usual 30-45sec of effort.

Having the same issue right now. Never gets past the splash screen whilst on an airgapped network.

Anyone seen updates on this? Had an incident where internet was lost, Outlook crashed for everyone and they couldn't open it, it just hung on the email view with nothing in it. Mailboxes in Exchange Online but clients set to Cached Mode.

@Athar Shah 

Select Email Exchange Account in Account Settings. Keep a check on Cached Mode and follow the instructions. This should solve your problem.