Outlook Web Mail and PST files

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Looking for help accessing Outlook 365 PST files.  My employer controls my Office 365 app on my PC, and has decided they will be deleting all PST files effective immediately.  I have them all backed up to an external hard drive, but I am trying to find a solution that will allow me to access them outside of my employer's control.  They also don't allow me to "switch accounts" in the Outlook app on my PC.  Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions that might work.  I was hoping to be able to access them with a paid outlook 365 web mail account, but that doesn't seem like a viable option either.


Any ideas are appreciated.



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@mcampbell77 you need an Outlook desktop installed somewhere and then you can open your PST files there. Most of the Outlook (2003, 2007, ...) versions support PST, you can grab any Outlook installation.



@abaltech  Thank you.  Do you know if I can install two different versions of Outlook (outlook 365 and outlook 2007) on the same computer at the same time, or would I need a separate computer with a second outlook desktop?

You would definitely need a different comp. I also guess that your company has disabled installing software on your company comp. DO NOT try installing 2 offices side by side, it will break the original installation and maybe the new one as well.
Thank you!