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Outlook Version 2108 Shared Calendar Issue

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We are having an issue with our Shared Calendars in outlook. On the left hand side where you have your calendars un-checked, they just keeping loading and removing theme selves. Sometimes this causes outlook to crash. I have tried going back to 2107 and it made things worse. Couldn't even go to calendar without Outlook crashing. I un-installed office, rebooted couple times, re-installed office 2108. This made my outlook more stable but still having issues with Shared Calendars removing theme selves/re-adding themselves. Even when you delete the calendars, the ones that were glitching before, will just re-appear.


This has happened with 5 employees so far. All have been here a long time with a lot of shared calendars on the left hand side.

Any additional info you need, let me know. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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We are having the same issue, although not for everyone. I am wondering if it is something to do with the number of calendars that you have on the left side as people with issues seem to have a lot, where as others who don't have this issue don't have as many. 
We did try deleting them all in Outlook online, but this did not fix desktop Outlook.

Same issue here. We had to turn off this "shared calendar improvements" feature by Group Policy to get some stability. We have calls open with Microsoft on this. 2107 and 2108 have not been stable.


Outlook calendar sharing updates (

Should say that manually disabling that option also worked. The issue was repeatable by re-enabling.

@Matt Laverack thanks for that update. That seems to have worked for the ones we have tried.