Outlook - Showing Port Settings on Existing Account

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I have a team where there are always new accounts or employees are moving their email from one computer to another. I can't click on my account, change and view the port and security settings like I used to. Does anyone know where they went? Why Outlook doesn't show this anymore?

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What kind of account are you trying to set up? Most of the usual account types like Microsoft, gmail etc is configured automatically for you by entering username and password! If you choose advanced settings you can pick manual settings! If you set up an account this way they should be visible

It's our own domain and therefore not able to auto discover. I want to view my settings so I can compare mine to theirs. When I pick manual settings, it goes fine but I always have to remember the incoming/outgoing server, checking the box for use same settings as incoming, and setting the ports. 

Depending on solution , but auto discover can probably be configured in your dns as well! I’ll look into it about the settings but for now just do a print screen :)

That's just it - Outlook doesn't show it anymore when I click on "Change."


It CAN?!?! Whoda Whadda Howdo I do that???

What kind of solution are you running?
Are you an administrator ?

We're using Big Commerce. (yes)

But wouldn't that be on our domain registrar to edit the DNS?

Looks like their own mail hosting is just pop! On new customers they no longer offer mail hosting but points to third-party solutions (like office365 :). )
So you have to live with this for now!
I think I found the settings on their support page though: see attached file

Yes - aware of all that but Big Commerce is broken, when you click on the settings, the page dims and no pop ups appear despite they're not blocked (on any browser). Oh well. 


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Ignorant keyboard :(

Tack så mycket!! :)

I believe there is a miscommunication between the op and replies.
I have come across the same problem. Using outlook app that is installed on PC , licenced through microsoft 365, I have the settings of my company email server setup to receive IMAP email.
Now I want to setup another email client for on my laptop so I goto my outlook on my desktop to check the correct server address, ports, encryption and authentication settings so that I can copy them to the laptop. (yes another way would be to "contact your administrator" for the details but that's not the point of the post)

file>info>account settings>account settings>email> [my email account].

In this particular version of office/outlook, it shows your name, account name, but NOT server addresses and ports, nor username and password fields.
Where has it gone? there is no "advanced" button or "manual config" as there use to be.

In older versions of outlook, all these were found here.

And please stop suggesting auto-config as this obviously is not setup on the ops email server, neither is it on my organisations.