Outlook Search NOT showing any emails from the year 2021

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First of all, hopefully this is in the correct section has I am new to this environment, I have used office 365 since time began and now I am using Imacs but all has been great.

Ok, I have a real dilemma and every attempt to test it has returned negative results, I use the search facility to locate all data / emails from a client but I have noticed it excludes all emails which are in 2021?
So I tested the search facility this morning has frustrations setin and no matter in what order if I ask it to select just emails received today / yesterday or 2021 it returns null, I tried every combination of variables and it simply ignores all emails received in the year 2021.
Search set to by Date Received, within the last two weeks, and nothing is returned.

I have checked and I am fully up to date so I have no clues at this time. :)

Thank you in advance for any feedback or input.

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