Outlook Search Bar Causing Crash - v. 2106 only?

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I've recently had to migrate a number of users into an Office 365 solution. Some of them had brand new PC's installed, other used existing machines that had previous versions of Office Home and Business installed. All of them are Windows 10 machines. They're also on a local domain.


About 10 of the users (out of 35) have had an issue where, if they click in the search bar at the top of Outlook, the app crashes and restarts. That's the only issue that seems to be happening. I can use 'Advanced Search' in a separate window and it's fine. It's just the search bar at the top. of Outlook. 

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Office 365. Tried the various repairs. I've tried different Windows profiles. I've tried deleting and recreating the mail profiles. As I said, some of the machines were brand new with a fresh installation of everything, others weren't. There seems to be no commonality with any of these aspects.

The only thing that I can find in common is that it only happens with the search bar as it appears in recent version 2106 and does not occur - or has not occurred so far - in version 2105 where the search bar appears underneath the command ribbon, just above the inbox window.

I ran the Microsoft clean up tool to uninstall Office and in some instances it supposedly found traces of older installations, although I'm suspicious that it wasn't accurate. I even ran it twice in a row and it found the same things both times, supposedly successfully cleaning things up. Either way, I couldn't find a confirmed fix. The only times that I resolved it I went through these steps and downloaded new installers each time, and eventually version 2105 would install and it would be okay. There are others using 2106 without the issues so it's not a problem with all 2106 installations.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it an issue with 2106 under certain circumstances?


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