Outlook Request Receipt Option

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I often (but not always) "Request a Delivery Receipt", or "Request a Read Receipt". In order to do this, I have to "Pop Out" the email to get at the Options menu.


Is there a way to have this menu/these options available without opening (popping out) the email? I went in to customize the ribbon but don't see that option there.

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Thank you Kidd_Ip but that's not what I was looking for. I had mentioned that I don't always want a receipt. The first method in that link turns it on for every single email you send.


The second method is the one where I have to "Pop Out" the email I'm writing in order to have the Options menu. I'd like to be able to simply keep writing without popping out messages. But there's no Options or receipt checkboxes in the main view.


Trying to customize the ribbon doesn't provide the option to add those receipt request checkboxes.