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Is there a way in the mobile outlook app to sort your message by unread, oldest to newest without changing the setting in the desktop app?

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I believed they are separated, just leverage  the 'filter' at the top right corner of your Outlook app

@Kidd_Ip   my mobile filter (ios) doesn't have a date filter at all and no nested filters

Hi @cathiscott,

Yes. On the upper right corner, you should find the "Filter" icon. There you can filter the unread messages, flagged ones, with attachments, ecc...

The screenshot below is from my own Outlook app in Android. If you don't see the "Filter" option, please ensure that the app is up to date.




Yes. I agree, but our users want to sort by unread THEN oldest to newest-- no date options correct?
No, unfortunately not. You can filter the unread ones but they will be displayed by default from newest to oldest ones.