Outlook Mac send later option disappears with add-in

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We develop an add-in for Outlook 365 (using OfficeJS) which includes an on-send hook. Outlook for Mac has a send later function available by clicking a drop-down arrow attached to the send button, but as soon as our add-in is added, this send later function becomes unavailable (the drop-down arrow disappears). Is this a bug, or by Microsoft design? Is there any way to restore this functionality without removing our add-in?



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I just discovered that this is an official limitation in Outlook for Mac for add-ins that include an on-send hook. Too bad...



Do you know if they fixed it?  Are they going to put back?



Yes, this function no longer exists in MAC and no schedule to add it back officially

Hi Raythien
Thank you!! that is very bad news. It does works with Outlook email however which is what Microsoft told me. I find that very selfish and it will force me to use another email App like Spark which is awesome!