outlook.live.com email Forwarding not saving

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When using Outlook web version, outlook.live.com the setting to forward email does not stick, there's no "save" button to save it. I've tried numerous times. It used to work last year. All other options work fine and there's "save" at the bottom when you change something but not for the forwarding.




When you toggle it 




And if you close the browser and re-open it again the setting is gone. Tried with and without cookies, same. Tested with Brave and Edge, same 100%. 


Even if you have Tab 1 open with the setting, then open another tab and load live.com again, it's off.


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I just try to replicate your issue, 'save' button should be located at the lower right corner, please check your PC resolution, btw, outlook.live.com may different with Microsoft 365

I've created an automatic rule and now it works great. However that option doesn't have the "save" option in the Outlook for Web.
Exactly the same problem for me. I cant save a forwarding setting because no save button available.

Ok, so it's not just me. Anyhow do an automatic rule, works 100% although that option should also work (missing Save).

For instance i got your reply just now to my forwarded email where i wanted it to be :)