Outlook keep asking for password after all fixes applied

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Ever since my boss upgraded his windows 10 pro version he have had issues where outlook is always asking for all the passwords of the accounts we have in that outlook. (2 exchange, 1 gmail imap and 1 imap)


This are the fixes I have tried and didnt work for me.

-Creating a new profile in outlook.

-Uninstalling and re-installing outlook.

-Using Office 2016 instead of the newest version of 365.

-Credential Manager, deleting everything and putting them again.

-And recently I had 3 agents from Microsoft Tech support which the last one gave a fix with the powershell "Get-ScheduledTask | foreach { If (([xml](Export-ScheduledTask -TaskName $_.TaskName -TaskPath $_.TaskPath)).GetElementsByTagName("LogonType").'#text' -eq "S4U") { $_.TaskName } }"

that worked for about 2 days only and now is back to the same issue. 


I REALLY NEED HELP. This is my boss server computer using Windows 10 pro but aparently he upgraded to this version recently and have had this issue since then. 

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There is most likely something still corrupt within the Outlook profiles/data. If you create a new windows profile, and test to configure outlook once more that should do the trick.