Outlook is missing from all apps

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Hi have been getting connection issues for Outlook so thought to reinstall Outlook. I cannot find it in all apps. Please help.

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Have you tried to reboot? You reinstalled because of a connection issue? Did you reinstall. it? Where did you install it from? Please let us know what steps you took to reinstall it.
When you go to Control Panel, click on Mail, and see if it lets you create a new profile, or at least show you your current profile. Also, you can go back to main page of Control Panel and click on "Programs and Features". In the list, do you see the "Microsoft 365 Apps for Business" or "Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise"?

Have you tried to search for it? Go to the bottom left and in the search box, type outlook.


If nothing works, then go reinstall it again, or you can go and download the SaRa tool and have it help you install it