Outlook for office 365 and gmail

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I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to log into the gmail account with an alias in outlook for office 356 on a new computer.

On current computer outlook with my gmail alias works just fine. It has been 3 year or so since I set up my outlook account on my current computer. I tried to set up my new computer the same way, or as best I can remember. Aft first it would send out the email from my gmail address. Then after searching both google and bing, if found what I thought was a solution. I went into the send receive options on outlook {Ctrl+Alt S} and changes some setting.  (https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/outlook/gmail-imap-alias-as-default-for-sending-in-outlook-36...)   So I am able send out emails from my alias, but I looks like it solved a problem but created two new ones. Not sure if they are related, but it would make sense that they are. First when I send out an email the from line in my send messages reads:

Name <name @ gmail.com> on behalf of name <name @ somecompany . com> my info and with out spaces.

My personal yahoo accounts doesn't see all of that info in the header, but when you view the email in outlook it shows up. Not something I want for my work email. Also now when I click reply all, it sends me a copy as well as all of the other people on the original email.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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