Outlook for Mac calendar reminder does not pop up when it needs to

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Hey everyone,

I'm encountering a peculiar issue with my MacOS X Samona and Outlook for Mac.


Main goal is to make the Reminder pop-up appear and remind me of a meeting.

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 13.06.13.png


The problem is as follows:


I have a Google Workspace Account configured on my Outlook.
I have a meeting in my Outlook calendar
When the time comes for a reminder to pop up, nothing happens.
When I focus Outlook (it's already opened ) and choose the calendar, the reminder pops up.
My current workaround is to import all my calendars into the Mac calendar app, which sends me notifications for upcoming meetings.

I reinstalled it completely, cleaned everything with App Cleaner, removed everything left off in the Library, and tested a bunch of suggestions in some forums. Nothing is still this issue. I've been using Outlook for Mac for over ten years and have experienced such a case for the first time. 


Currently, I'm searching for a way to troubleshoot it like:

- Close all apps except Outlook
- Open Apple "Console" app and filter by Outlook
- Set a meeting after 1 minute and put a reminder "on startup" 
- Wait for that minute and try to catch something from the log 

- The Reminder GUI window does not pop up. 

Here is the log:


Software info:
Microsoft® Outlook for Mac
Version 16.86.1 (24061443)
Licence: Office Home & Business 2021

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