Outlook For Android and iOS: Access Second Mailbox From Government Tenant.

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I saw this description:



Multiple accounts: Only the user's Office 365 GCC account and OneDrive for Business account can be added to a single device. Personal accounts cannot be added. Customers can use another device for personal accounts, or an ActiveSync client from another provider.




We need to access second accounts such as shared mailboxes.

I understand reasons why they may block "personal accounts" for some type of security reasons, but I am not asking for "personal accounts" (Hotmail, GMail or other Office 365 accounts from another tenant).

What we need is to access multiple mailboxes (such both the user's mailbox plus accesses shared mailboxes you have access to) FROM THE SAME GCC TENANT!!!

Why is this not enabled or is there already a way to do this?


Adding this feature would actually increase security because we would no longer have a need to allow users to use activesync clients to access work email.

If all work email accounts a user has access to within the tenant could be simultaneously accessed from the Outlook mobile client, we would be able to use conditional access policies and selective wipe policies that don't work through the activesync client. 

This restriction of only allowing access to a single mailbox is reducing, not improving security.

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@Kalimanne J , just don't use Outlook for Android/iOS, but use a web browser.

@Victor Ivanidze That's not a solution for mobile use on a smartphone.

Wow, that would be incredibly clunky and inconvenient.

You don't even get alerts or notifications when new mail arrives or any other features of using the app.

The point of using the app is to get features that are only in app.