Outlook calendar, Permission tab missing from own calendar

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I have a case where an user is missing his Permission tab in his calendar.

If he goes to the calendar view, right click his calendar, selects propeties he should have the "Permission" tab. 


OS: Win10 x64

Outlook 2016 (office365)


Although he dosnt.


Ive checked his permissions through powershell on his own user by using this command:

Get-MailBoxFolderPermission -identity firstname.surname@domain.se:\Kalender


There i can see:

Foldername = Correct folder

User = Found his user

Accessright = Owner


Although, hes unable to see this tab, really strange.

Ive been googling about this, found some people that had similar problems- but no resolve for this.


Anybody experienced this before?

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New info, this is how the permissions looks like, check attached images.

In my calendar view, i can grant other types of permissions, like Editor etc.


Um, this is the new, redesigned view, it's the expected behavior with newer Outlook versions. The idea is to simplify the options so that users don't get confused with the dozen or so controls we had previously.


That explains it :p



was this ever resolved?  I too have no permissions tab.  Cannot add items to my own Outlook Calendar.  @Martin Andersson