Outlook calendar on mac not showing up

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I'm using a Mac (macOS Big Sur version 11.0.1) and using Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft Outlook for Mac version 16.43).  Email is working (and syncing) fine to my Yahoo and Gmail accounts.  However, recently I have lost the function of the Calendar.  It is essentially blank. 


I've tried reinstalling Outlook which did not change anything.  Any ideas?

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Has anyone found a work around? I have one user this is happening to.
I tried to publish the calendar in O365 to an .ics file - then import that into Outlook, and that did pull the events in, but it is only a one-way sync (items created in Outlook do not sync to O365 calendar), so that's not a viable solution.

I tried opening their own calendar via Open Shared Calendar>*username*, but this request did not process, the window just sat there.

I have tried a new Outlook profile - same results
I, too, tried everything mentioned, save reinstalling the OS - that is ridiculous! I finally reached out to Support through the Mac Client (Help>Contact Support) on Friday, 7/22, I believe. It is a chat window. They replied right away, but left me hanging over the weekend. They got back to me on Monday, the 25th, and told me to "1) Restart Outlook 2) Reproduce the issue by going to the calendar view 3)Go to Help menu>Collect Diagnostics. Wouldn't you know it - even with all the times I closed then relaunched Outlook and nothing changed, this time all of my accounts came back and the calendar was fully populated with their events! They must have done something, so I would contact them. Good luck!



Yes, Microsoft seems to have resolved the issue on their side. The user I was working with is no longer having the issue and has access to their calendar again.


Hooray for silent updates!

Not so fast. I just had this problem crop up for me today after a system restart. Mac OS Monterey 12.4, Outlook for Mac 16.63 with O365.


Tried the open shared calendar and it didn't work. Tried switching to New Outlook and that did work. When I switch back to Old Outlook, the calendars came back. Hopefully back to stay? 

@NestoFC exactly the same here, although I then switched back to new outlook and its been stable for a few days, I am suffering new outlook as its marginally better than having to use the web instead 

The same happened to me today. I contacted with the support through the Help menu, and they told me that is a known problem and documented here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/calendars-don-t-display-in-the-left-pane-after-upgrading-t...


Also, they recommended me to update to the last Beta (insider) where they've fixed the problem.


To do that, simply go to Help > Updates, this opens the Autoupdater app, then click on 'Advanced' and select the Beta channel. 

Because I don't want the other applications to update to the beta channel, I searched for updated, clicked on the arrow on the right side of the "Update all" button, and updated only Outlook. 

After the update I re-selected again the Stable channel and everything to work fine.


Hope this helps!

This is good to know. Not sure if that is what fixed it for me when I did that - don't think it did, but it may have after a few days. I have a large school of teachers I service and have already heard of 2 - 3 that have this same issue (and we aren't even back to school yet!) and others of my colleagues have reported this, too. Will try going from old to new to old again and see if that fixes the next one rather than wait for MS support to respond to them.
I really appreciated this updated information! I am sure I will need to use it when teachers start coming back on Monday. Thanks!
Sure enough, teachers are back today and I had my first one. Did what you said, XPaterna, and worked like a charm! I made sure to put back to "current" channel, which again shows no more updates, while the Beta channel did still have some that I did not select. BIG THANKS!

Yes! I'm very happy to read that! Hope it doesn't happen again! :)

@XPaterna Thanks so much for the advice. Did exactly as you suggested with the Beta update and my calendars have miraculously appeared; much appreciated.


One interesting point I noted while I had the problem...even though no calendars were showing, the calendar alerts for the meetings etc in the unshown calendar were still flicking up in Reminders.

This was the Fix Or I just needed to "Quit Outlook" and re-Open....

But I went to Calendar, did Open Shared Calendar for both of my corporate mailboxes separately, hit okay for both. It looked like it did nothing, Then I quit Outlook and reopened it and then I saw my calendars and just needed to to re-check them.....

I have been back and forth with Apple and Microsoft on this same issue for a week. Microsoft keeps assuming the problem is one of synch with iCloud. I keep saying that the calendar just won't activate. I don't even have the option to choose shared calendar. Everything is just blank until I revert back to the legacy version. Has anyone else had any luck getting advice from Microsoft? If yes, how did you describe the issue?


I was interested in the Beta version option, but didn't see where I could click on specific programs so that Word remains on the current version.

The issue with no appointments, meetings etc showing up in Office for Mac, even after using the "create new xxx" button.


I'm using Office 2021 for Mac, Ventura 13.2 OS.  Ever since buying Office for Mac 2021, the outlook calendar has never accepted any appointment, or meeting, when I have tried to enter one using the "create" buttons.  However, whilst not perfect, I have found a work around that does seem to be working:


1 - Rather than showing the whole calendar month, change the view to either the specific day, or in my case, the working week view also works. I've entered appointments in each view.


2 - Take your cursor to the time your meeting/appointment is going to start, and for me, then right clicking the mouse button and choosing "New Appointment" from the reduced menu to the right of the cursor I am able to then enter the apppoinment/meeting details, click save, and see the appointment appear within the calendar.


3 - After doing this, if I then go back to a "monthly view", my entries are still showing.


Aappreciate this isn't great if you have a much busier schedule than I do, but, at least it is a way of entering things into the diary and being able to see them.


Hope this helps. @Amanda_Val 

@Amanda_Val  after a few hours of wailing & gnashing of teeth (as well as finding whatever threads of information that I could on Google), the silver bullet which ended my problems was installing Outlook 16.66 to replace 16.63. Presto, all calendars returned! I suspect that the culprit was a brief flirtation last week with "new" Outlook which turned sour when "new (but not improved)" Outlook wiped all four of my email signatures, prompting a return to "old but more dependable" Outlook. 


Start Outlook on Mac > >Calendar >> From Left side view, Select your name Calendar >> Peoples Calendar Check-Calendar....... bingo... you are done. 



That is normally how to show a calendar, but it wasn't working for me either, and probably the same issue that Amanda was having. I had several teachers that were also having the issue.


MS fixed it for me when I contacted them via their Contact Support link in Outlooks Help menu item. 


I hope by now this issue has been resolved in updates.


been having this issue for over two years, no matter what OS. fixed it one time through smth i found in a forum. that didn't work again afterwards however.


its just ridiculous from microsoft and apple that this doesnt get fixed properly. its a simple feature that destroys the whole experience. i saw in this thread that no mod is picking up on this, so it must be at the very bottom of their agenda, if at all. compatibility is of disadvantage to both of them (microsoft and apple) after all

Go to your calendar screen and then click on the 3 dots (hover over to see) to the right of the calendar profile you want to see. Then you can select show all calendars. THere is no option to only see 1 calendar, it is all or nothing.