Outlook calendar on mac not showing up

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I'm using a Mac (macOS Big Sur version 11.0.1) and using Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft Outlook for Mac version 16.43).  Email is working (and syncing) fine to my Yahoo and Gmail accounts.  However, recently I have lost the function of the Calendar.  It is essentially blank. 


I've tried reinstalling Outlook which did not change anything.  Any ideas?

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@Amanda_Val Definitely sounds like a outlook profile issue.
I would do a complete clean of everything that has to do with Outlook for mac and then re-configure it to get a totally clean installation and profile.

Example of instructions

@Amanda_Val did you find a solution to this? I have the same problem I think maybe after an update. 

@DKairyNo, I had to reinstall the OS with the help of an apple rep.

@Amanda_ValI have the same issue that temporarily went away when I had to reinstall my MacBook Pro after a hardware repair. BUT: the problem recur again after some time. It's not possible to do a complete reinstall of the whole Mac everytime Outlook loses the calendar...


Is there another solution?

I have the same problem. My default O365 calendar is no longer listed under "My Calendars" in the Outlook calendar. It randomly came back recently after being absent for a week, but restarting my Mac has made it disappear again.


I just started to have the same issue - Outlook Office 365 on MacOS Monterey 12 beta 4

The My calendars folder for the default account is empty, two more accounts are OK

After deleting the account and adding it again, they reappear, and after some time disappear again...

No problem on other devices...

it's happened a few times to me now, I find i have to shut Outlook down, open it up again and go to calendars and check off the ones I want. They show up when i reopen outlook.

@isavovI've got a solution that works for me, perhaps it helps you too:


In the Calendar Section there is a button "Open shared calendar" (Icon is 3 dots arranged in a circle). If you click on the button, a search field opens. Set the account with the calendar you need and type in the e-mail address of the account. There should appear the entry below. Click on it and click on the button "Open". That should do the trick. This worked in my environment.

@markus_4x4 I've read your solution, but what's interesting for me is that when I "open shared calendar" and check the "missing" calendar, it just sits there "checking permissions" indefinitely.


Did that happen to you too?




@Chyp 16No, I didn't encounter this issue. Some questions you might want to check:

- Have you checked that the account is accessible and credentials are entered correctly? Perhaps delete the account completely (backup data of course, if it's not stored on the server like exchange etc.) and make a fresh set up...

- Is Outlook up to date?

- Is the Office365 subscription active? (yesterday Microsoft just shut down my log in and I had to reactivate all Office-programs...)

- Do you have more accounts to check, if there is a connection issue?


Perhaps this helps.

I have no calendars to check - the whole sidebar is blank :( None of my accounts showing in the calendar side, just email side. Using Catalina 10.15.7, MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015). Started immediately after I did a MS update. Ugh!
I have no calendars whatsoever - the whole sidebar is blank :( None of my accounts showing in the calendar side, just email side. Tried adding through shared calendars, and it looks like it goes, but nothing shows up in the sidebar. Using Catalina 10.15.7, MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015). Started immediately after I did a MS update. Ugh! Using Catalina 10.15.7, MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015).
Same here, just started immediately after I did an Office update (v 16.63) today. The whole sidebar where the accounts are supposed to be is blank :( None of my accounts showing in the calendar side, just email side. Using Catalina 10.15.7, MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015). I switched to New Outlook and all calendar accounts show up fine. Is this their way of forcing us to use New Outlook, with fewer features?

@a1jensen Same problem in UTD Big Sur on older MacBook Pro. My IMAP acct calendars are showing up, not the 2 Exchange/365 calendars. A few days ago I was able to retrieve the calendars by restarting the app; no longer. The "Open Shared Calendars" tip didn't work--it's in a infinite loop checking permissions.

@Chyp 16 I got the checking folder permissions. took too much time so I guess that would not work.

then i went and unchecked Show all mail accounts. restarted outlook and checked the option again. 

this got the calendar contents back. will monitor. 

@TaherMD where is the show all mail accounts option?

I have three mail accounts / calendars and I keep loosing access to all three calendars. It seems to come back after a reboot 365 version 16.63 and Monterey 12.4

@TaherMD Amazing! As you did, I unchecked Preferences/General/Show all mail account folders, then closed and restarted the app. All my calendars came back *without* my having to recheck Show all...  The problem was intermittent and seemingly random last week, but permanent since upgrade to Office 16.6.3.  I also updated to Big Sur 11.6.8 last night, but I don't think that had any effect. (Calendars still didn't show this morning)

Same, 3 mail accounts. The IMAP account always shows, the two Exchange accts, one from my University, one from GoDaddy, mysteriously disappeared. (I also kept getting asked to log in to both Exchange accts every time I started Outlook. That has gone thankfully stoped, too.)
I have Outlook 16.63, macOS Monterey (12.4):
My Exchange calendar is visible with old outlook display.
An empty read only calendar is the only one available when I switch to the "new outlook" interface.
My Exchange calendar reappears if I revert interface to legacy one.
Pretty annoying!