Outlook Calendar NOT saving entries

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I use Outlook Calendar daily for appointments, trips, reminders to do things on certain dates, etc. I generally print out the next 3 months’ worth of monthly calendars on the last day of each month for a quick check of already scheduled events when making a new entry. About 6 months ago, I noticed when printing out a new set of 3 calendars that there were several events that had disappeared without my knowledge or input to delete them. I’ve tried looking at every setting in Outlook that I can think of or know about to see if there is something on or off that shouldn’t be but can’t find anything. And yet, appointments, trips, a/o reminders keep disappearing from my calendar. About 4 or 5 months ago, I started saving my calendar after making a new entry as a separate file that I can go to and recover the missing entries, but that’s kind of a PITA and I shouldn’t have to do that in my opinion. I would think that Outlook should be saving all my entries in Calendar on a daily basis, but it doesn’t appear to do that. I guess I should mention that my normal operation is to leave my computer on 24/7 with Outlook open. Do I need to close Outlook daily or turn my computer off daily to get the Calendar data saved? Or is there a setting in Outlook/Calendar that will make all entries saved as they are entered into Calendar? There is nothing in on-line help that I can find that addresses saving Calendar entry data.

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Calendar entries shouldn’t just disappear so there is an explanation somewhere. Have you checked your deleted items, or the recover deleted items dumpster? If you find them in there then something is deleting them...either the user inadvertently or possibly something happening on a mobile device or add-in connected to the account.
Jeremy, There is no deleted items available to check while viewing my calendar. The only deleted items I'm aware of is the one I can see while looking at the email window. And there is nothing in there because it gets dumped every time I log out of Outlook. As to the deleted items dumpster, did you mean the Recycle Bin folder? Checking there I find nothing remotely connected to any Outlook folders. I'm still at a loss as to what is happening to some (not all) of my entries in Calendar just disappearing randomly.

I have the same problem. I just entered a full 3 months worth of planning. It took me hours, I made every plan detailed. I saved all of them then exited the application. Once I reopened, only four random "events" remained. My network is fine and there is nothing from my side deleting them. There IS something broken on this application and I will be using a substitute.

@Robert Hicks Not sure if you still have this issue. Have you tried resetting your view?

Open the calendar in question. Then select the "View" tab from the top. Then select Reset View and all your stuff should be there. Hope this works for you!